This video/podcast was a dream come true. Pretty sure it doesn't get better than y'all together simply telling your stories and sharing your vast power and knowledge. I felt like I was the proverbial fly on the wall, watching yall do your thing. Seriously if you both wanna make this a regular thing, I'd totally sign up and show up on the regular.

But back to the podcast and the messages received. . . I felt a lot of resonance and truth in both of your words. The woodpecker message seemed potent and today I received woodpecker medicine in my sphere, so there's something there and it was with the number 4 like Jess mentioned the timing 4:44. Hmmm....

I am grateful to be connected to you both and I absolutely loved you sharing your personal stories. Thank you for sharing your essence. I love you both, and maybe we put out a France trek... who knows? :)

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