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Discovering Your Intuitive Gifts with Jess Mangum


Hey all!

I am so excited to share one of my most favorite and beloved teachers and mentors with you today, Jess Mangum. Jess is an intuitive mentor, and in fact, she was my very first 1:1 intuitive mentor!

Jess is a 2/5 Projector, RAX of Rulership, with a Virgo sun… and a fellow Life Path 7 for that matter!

On today’s episode, we dive into so many different topics like how Jess discovered her intuitive gifts, what the word ‘shadow’ means to her, how we connect into our own intuitive gifts more intentionally, and we talk about my two favorite Marys - Mother Mary & Mary Magdalen - and what we can learn from their paths.

We laugh, I cry, and I make Jess cry because she’s so darn empathic 😂, we have some deep conversation, and we have a really great time.

We cover a ton in today’s episode - I hope you enjoy the episode!

Feel free to share a comment below about what resonated with you most in today’s episode and share with a friend whom you think this episode might support!

To connect with Jess, head over to or find her on Instagram @jessicamangumysp

Make it a great day!


Thoughts By Jess
💭Thoughts By Jess
Thoughts, musings, and riffs on all different topics and subjects from intuition, Gene Keys, Human Design, and beyond.
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